Tattoo Magazine Subscription for prison inmates
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 NOTE: We receive more complaints on slow delivery of Tattoo magazine then any other magazine. 

Tattoo is currently publishing/distributing  in January, March, & July. & October, possibly the middle to end of month.

Inked Magazine seems to arrive much faster.

 The World's Best Selling Tattoo Magazine. Here's a look at the most exquisite examples of skin art you'll see anywhere. Each monthly issue takes you on a tour of fascinating illustrated people from around the globe.

As of Spring, 2019, Tattoo Magaine seems to publiseh in January, April, July & October. 

In Texas, all tattoo magazines are held in unit mailrooms until Huntsville approves the issue. This can take over a month!

In Texas Prisons (and other places?) censors see a tattoo of a naked lady, as a naked lady. 

This will cause the magazine to be denied.


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