Sackett # 10, 11 & 12

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Louis L'amour

Binding: Mass Market Paperbound,  3 book set

The Sackett Brand: Tell Sackett was miles away from anyone he knew and he had no reason to think there were enemies nearby. But then Tell is shot without warning -- and when he finally come to, he discovers that all traces of his life have vanished. His wagon has disappeared and his beloved wife, Ange, is missing. Sackett vows to stop at nothing to find out what became of her. But when the truth emerges, it is more terrifying than he ever imagined -- and it will take all his strength to find out once and for all why the forces behind the mystery won't stop until Sackett is dead.

The Sky-Liners: Heading west from Tennessee, Flagan and Galloway Sackett meet an old Irish horse trader who offers them two horses in exchange for escorting his granddaughter to her father in Colorado. Flagan's misgivings are proven true, as she is in love with James Black Fetchen, a charismatic but sinister gunman.

The Lonely Men: Tell Sackett had been lured into the Apache's mountain stronghold by the icy beauty of his brother's wife. He didn't go alone. John J. Battles, Spanish Murphy and the half-breed Tampico rode beside him. Each was driven by his past to test his speed and cunning against an enemy who could smell a white man a mile away-and then shoot his eyes out at a dead gallop. It was a contest few men could enter-and fewer still could hope to win.


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