Sackett # 1, 2 & 3

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Louis L'amour

Binding: Mass Market Paperbound 3 book set

Sackett's Land:When fiery Barnabas Sackett dares defend himself against the arrogant nephew of an earl, he becomes a wanted outlaw. He then sets out for the New World, braving pirates on the open seas and the savage wilderness that awaits him - determined to created a new future for himself and the woman he loves

To the Far Blue Mountains: With a few fierce fighting friends and his courageous wife by his side, Barnabas Sackett began to carve a place for himself and his growing family out of the harsh Eastern American landscape. Facing an unyielding terrain, forbidding elements, and savage Indians, Barnabas stood tall, staking a bold Sackett claim on the future.

The Warrior's Path: When Yance Sackett's sister-in-law is kidnapped, he and Kin race north from Carolina to find her. They arrive at a superstitious town rife with rumors--and learn that someone very powerful was behind Diana's disappearance. To bring the culprit to justice, one brother must sail to the exotic West Indies.  There, among pirates, cutthroats, and ruthless "businessmen," he will apply the skills he learned as a frontiersman to an unfamiliar world--a world where one false move means instant death.


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