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Popular Mechanics Magazine Subscription for prison inmates
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  Popular Mechanics

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Popular Mechanics is a unique science and technology magazine that uncovers how the world works for curious readers interested in craftsmanship and innovation. Each issue covers the top technological breakthroughs, inventions, do-it-yourself projects, and outdoor adventures for a life well-lived.

Popular Mechanics is the original how-to guide to fulfill curiosity, ideal for today's makers and tomorrow's inventors.

From electronic and mechanical ingenuity to space travel, aviation, automotive advancements, outdoor survival gear and more, inquisitive minds and adventure-seekers will enjoy reading about some of the most interesting gadgets, tools and projects taking place on a global level.

Learn from some of the leading scientists and inventors alive today. Become inspired to become a change-agent for a better tomorrow. Find new ways to make, discover, and do something new every day.

Builders, inventors, aspiring inventors and scientists will all find something to love in this magazine. Regular content covers functional and fun do-it-yourself projects for home improvement; science, technology and entertainment news and innovations; breakthrough awards; Top 10 lists; seasonal topics; pivotal moments in history; and more.

Spirited thinkers, makers, tinkerers and anyone with a do-it-yourself attitude who is passionate about learning how the world works will love a subscription to Popular Mechanics. Subscribe today and get motivated to start on your next project!

Popular Mechanics is not approved for inmates in some states.  In Texas is held in mail rooms for weeks, often over a month, until it is approved or denied by Huntsville. 

IMailToPrison.Com is not responsible for the aproval or denial of individual issues of magazines nor for determining if any prison system or individual facilty will allow this publication. 

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