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There are few books remaining for these bags. 

We are no longer accepting back orders.

As these packages become available they will be put up for sale, one at a time.  

Grab Bag of OLD non-romance books:

This Grab bag will contain books purchased from closed bookstores and rejects from on-line dealers. Most of these books are decades old, even generations old. Many of the paperbacks are a yellowed, bit tattered and some are mended.  Each bag will contain any mixed selection including: non-fiction, novels, suspense, horror, science fiction & fantasy, historical and often a good amount of mysteries and westerns.

Because OLD books are skinnier with smaller print,  instead of 30 or more, 40 or more books may be in this package.

A Grab Bag is a stack of books about 3 feet tall. 




These Grab Bags weigh between 15 and 18 lbs.

Each Grab Bag is unique. When books are available, various Special Grab Bags are made. 

Grab Bags are mailed within 2 business days of order and always have USPS tracking information available.

To keep these prices low, Grab Bags are PRE-PACKED. Extra books of one type or another CANNOT be added by request.

If you have been wondering how to send cheap books to prison inmates, this is it!  We will mail books to prison for you.  Order books for any Texas Prison Inmate!  Our grab bags are accepted in any Texas prison but maybe not to special program units.  If your loved one is in a prison that is not a Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice unit, please check the rules governing that institution be for ordering books for your inmate. 

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