Man Does Not Live by Sports Alone

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Man Does Not Live by Sports Alone: Devotions for Men 
Contributor(s): Swanberg, Dennis (Author)

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: October 10, 2006

Publisher Marketing:
OK, guys, this book's for you. It's designed especially for manly men who love sports -- guys who'd rather watch Peyton Manning and Kurt Schilling than some fluffy chick flick. You're into NFL receivers, the best arms in the Majors, the best guards in the NBA, and NASCAR drivers. But you're also a guy who tries to spend time in God's Word and get your plays called by the Coach upstairs. 
Dennis "The Swan" Swanberg has you and your sports-minded buddies in mind in "Man Does Not Live by Sports Alone, " because this upbeat, humorous book isn't just about guy stuff; it's also about "God" stuff. Thirty personal devotionals double as springboards for accountability-group discussion with your friends about God's playbook. Each devotional contains: 
"A Word from the Coach" in a key Bible text
"Warmups" questions to ponder and sports-related quotes
"Going Deep" thought and heart challenges
"Recap" summaries and reinforcing scriptures
"In the Huddle" discussion starters
"Game Plan" life applications
And "Game Notes" pages to record your thoughts and responses 
This book offers a game plan for tackling the tough issues in the game of life and will help you do more than just stay in the game -- it will give you strategies for being a winner! 
"It's not enough to be a manly man who talks about manly stuff.
You've also got to be a godly man who talks and thinks about God stuff.
When you do, you'll be a winner in the game of life.
-- The Swan""

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