Luvin The Wrong Thug: ! & 2

Luvin The Wrong Thug: ! & 2
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Publisher Marketing: Jakari was respected and treated like hood royalty due to his father and uncle. He wasn't a kid from the streets, even though his family were and had a lot of connections. He didn't wanna be like them and decided to go in another direction. One where he knew nothing or no one would get in his way. Sadly, tragedy struck and it made him weary of who could and couldn't be trusted. He knew then, the street life wasn't for him. However; after graduating college, his father sat him down and offered him a proposition. He could take it or leave it, or build his own empire. The decision was up to him. Kymani and Kena are the couple everyone envied. They wanted to have that perfect love as well as, wanting everything they had; including Sean. She was a mistake Kymani never wanted Kena to find out about. Unfortunately, she doesn't know how to let go and goes through extreme measures to keep Kymani in her life. Will she survive after confronting Kena about it or will Kymani stop the disaster before it happens? Bliss and Kyana love each other and he's vowed to make her his wife. Kyana feels the same; yet, she hadn't fully disclosed the type of work she does. The only person who knows is her mom, and even she warned Kyana about holding secrets. Bliss voiced his concern about her disappearing acts but they fall on deaf ears because Kyana is going to do what she wants. But what happens when that secret comes back to haunt her? Publisher Marketing: Luvin The Wrong Thug 2: A Crazy Hood AffairJakari finally decided to give up on the search for his best friend Jaele. No one could find her, there were no clues or any indication of foul play. Therefore; he was going to start doing right by the woman who's been by his side the entire time. Their relationship has never been perfect but it worked and Danaisha figured it was the right time to do what's best for them. In the middle of her proposal, the past comes back to ruin what she worked hard for. Will this stop Danaisha and Jakari from getting married or will they take that walk down the aisle? Kena can't catch a break when it comes to her mother and the woman her man was unfaithful with. All they do is, harass and treat her any way they like and with no repercussions. Sean gives Kena information that can possibly send her and Kymani straight to a divorce. However; what Sean didn't realize is Kymani will do anything for Kena; including kill. Between the two women trying to hurt Kena, one; if not both will suffer dying consequences, as will their family. Kyana is forced to reveal who she really is to Bliss; otherwise he'll walk out of her life forever. If that's not bad, she learns the secret she's kept in, has been leaked, compromising not only her job, but her family. Who will get caught in the crossfire and will Bliss leave her for good once he finds out the truth?
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