Living Bible: A Course of Bible Reading

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Living Bible A Course of Bible - Reading, Covering the Entire Bible, a Chapter a Day, with a Personal Devotional Meditation on Each

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date:  September 08, 2015


While this series of devotional comments on the chapters of the Bible was in course of serial publication the author received letters from hundreds of his readers (nearly two thousand), telling him that they were following the course of Bible reading and meditation. These letters came from every State of the United States except Nevada, from every Province of Canada, from Porto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Hawaii, Chile, Australia, France, Turkey, Germany, Holland, England, Finland, Syria, South Africa, China, and Japan. Those that hereafter may use the book will be interested to know of the wide circle that made up its constituency.

Many of these letters came from husbands and wives who were reading the Bible through in this way together. In many cases the Bible chapters, with the comments upon them, were made the basis of family prayers. The series has been used in sick-rooms, and many shut-ins have found it useful. Sunday-school teachers have read it with their classes. Ministers have found in it subjects for talks and sermons. My readers have ranged from young children to an old lady of eighty-six and from missionaries to an army colonel.


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