Hunter's Moon 

New Paperback Book for prison inmates
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  • Item #: 9780786048663
  • Condition: New

A Hunter Buchanon Black Hills Western , by J.A & William Johnstone

Binding: Mass Market Paperbound

Pub Date: July 27, 2021

A cattle ranch stalked by the ultimate predator. A heiffer gutted and beheaded by razor-sharp claws. A ranch hand crushed and shredded by powerful jaws. According to legend--foretold by Sioux Chief Red Otter--the attacks are an omen of terrible things to come. When a grizzly attacks a man or his property during a blue moon, it is a sign that the bear has been sent from someone on the other side seeking revenge against the man that killed him. And that man--the avenger's true target--is Hunter Buchanon

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