Getting Out & Staying Out: A Black Man's Guide

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Getting Out & Staying Out: A Black Man's Guide to Success After Prison (2ND ed.) 

Author (s): Boothe, Demico
Binding:  Paperback
Pub Date:  February 01, 2012
"4 simple suggestions in 4 short chapters that will help formerly incarcerated African-American men re-enter society
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 The United States of America has more people behind bars than any other country in the world and every year nearly 700,000 prisoners get released back into society, the largest percentage of them being black males. "Getting Out & Staying Out" is a short, easy to read set of guidelines intended to help incarcerated and newly freed African-American men (a) learn how to most productively do their time while in prison (b) know what to expect once they are released (c) understand that entrepreneurship and self-employment is what their long-term focus should be on instead of a job, and (d) understand the importance of stable relationships and how they aid in successful re-entry. If followed, the advice and suggestions given in this very simple guide should prove very helpful for black men who are serious about getting out of prison and not ever going back.


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