From My Mess to His Message

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From My Mess to His Message: Devotions That Carried Me Through 

 Sparks, Christopher (Author)  FORMER FEDERAL INMATE
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: January 04, 2018
Publisher Marketing:

We all have "messes" in our lives. Some are big ones, and some are small ones. Some we make with our choices, some are made for us by others or by sickness. This book is the result of the "mess" I created with my sin. I found my life turned upside down. I was locked up in prison without my freedom, I disgraced my family, I drove my friends away, and I had lost my job. I hit bottom, and I finally realized that I needed a savior. I cried out to God to take back control over my life.

Once I did that, I needed a place to start, and God lead me straight to His word. The devotions you will find on the pages of this book are the very words God gave me, as He gave them to me. They are His messages of hope and salvation to a hurting child that He loves. He carried me through that season of my life. No matter what it is you are going through in your life, as you read the pages of this book, you will feel the overwhelming love and care Jesus has for you. Day after day, the words He shares with you will heal you and clean up those messes you made by doing it without Him. God will get so much glory as we walk together watching Him turn your messes into His messages. He did it for me, I Know He will do it for you too.

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