Extraordinary Investigations: The Morgan File

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A Puzzle Novel Contributor(s): Gillies, Rod (Author)

Binding: Paperback

Pub Date: July 01, 2020

Publisher Marketing: Solve puzzles, crack codes, and follow the clues to reveal the plot of a conspiracy thriller in an exciting cross between an escape room and a novel, where you play the role of the detective.

 Please note: checking solutions and tracking progress will require an internet connection. ( You can order one for you and one for your loved one, solve it together, something new & fun to talk about) 

Join the Extraordinary Investigations Unit and take on your first case, the mysterious disappearance of researcher Louis Morgan, last seen on the trail of a secret cache of Nazi gold. From the dying days of World War II to the modern day, this interactive puzzle novel sees you uncover a twisted tale of espionage, deceit, and murder - a missing investigator, a lost treasure, a sinister conspiracy. Each chapter of the story is revealed through an Evidence File containing notes, photos, fragments of documents, maps, and newspaper articles. Hidden within the book's pages you'll find cleverly-designed puzzles and clues through which the story is told - offering hours of intriguing investigation. The book is filled with a variety of challenges - ciphers and codes, visual puzzles, translation, number and symbol puzzles, as well as questions requiring online detective work. Regardless of the type of puzzle needing solved, the book includes a 3-tier hint system to ensure you'll never get totally stuck. Here's what the critics have to say... "It was the perfect combination of intriguing puzzles and fascinating history. We absolutely loved spending our evenings working through this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys puzzles, cracking codes, interesting plots, and delving into history." - The Great Escape Games, escape room & puzzle game reviewer "Learn some fascinating WW2 history while cracking cool codes. This one has the CCC stamp of approval." - Clues Codes & Crates, escape room & puzzle game reviewer "The Morgan File is super realistic! I'm not sure where the history ends and the fictional 'novel' begins." - The Escape Roomer, escape room reviewer "Beautifully designed, brilliantly written... entertained and tested me in equal measure." - Amazon UK reviewer Whilst the book contains no explicit or violent imagery, the unfolding story explores adult themes of conspiracy, corruption, and murder, and may be unsuitable for children under 13. 

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