Dell Crossword Dictionary

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The Dell Crossword Dictionary (Revised)

Binding: Mass Market Paperbound
Pub Date: October 01, 1994
Copyright Date: 1994
Annotation: Stumped by the site of the '68 Olympics? Pondering the name of a Portuguese coin? Look it up in "The Dell Crossword Dictionary," the ultimate reference for word puzzle solvers. Packed with solving aids for pun-filled clues and difficult "cryptic clues," the dictionary has been fully updated for the computer age.
Jacket Description/Flap:
No longer a test of classical knowledge, the modern crossword is a challenging labyrinth of clever clues, timely puns, and computer-age acronyms that baffle even veteran wordsmiths. Completely revised and expanded, The Dell Crossword Dictionary includes an extensive crossword definitions section, a thoroughly cross-referenced "Word-Finder" section, the most extensive "Name-Finder" in any dictionary, and every trivia fact a puzzle fan could ever want to know.
Comprehensive and easy to use, The Dell Crossword Dictionary is a must-have for any crossword lover.


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