Coffee with Jesus

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Coffee with Jesus 
Contributor(s): Wilkie, David (Author)

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: November 01, 2013

Annotation: Thousands of people start each day with a shot of Coffee with Jesus, the enormously popular online comic strip. Irreverent at times, yet always insightful, this volume features classic entries and all new, exclusive material, twelve-panel megastrips and "behind the strip" reflections on life, faith and art.

Review Quotes:
"The day I discovered Coffee With Jesus, I felt a little less alone in Christendom. Wilkie's characters demonstrate our worst flaws, and Coffee Jesus skewers them with a wry balance of humor, solid theology and love. This might be the best evangelism tool since Mere Christianity. Perfect for a seeker or someone who's fed up with religiosity but thirsty for Jesus."--Susan Isaacs, author of Angry Conversations with God

Review Quotes:
"David Wilkie accomplishes in a four-panel comic strip what preachers try to achieve in a 45-minute sermon--making one solid point that delivers a spiritual truth. Wilkie's popular Coffee with Jesus strip invites the reader to eavesdrop on conversations between Jesus and a diverse cast of characters as they discuss everyday topics including relationships, culture, and church. Worship leaders will gain insight into the types of questions and issues real-life people struggle with daily."--Jeff Friend, Worship Leader Magazine, January/February 2014

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