Chronicles of the One Trilogy

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"Magnificent . . . perfectly balances magic, adventure, romance, and steely resolve in the battle of good vs. evil while reminding us that while the battles may save us, it's the home, hearth, and community which sustain us. Brilliant and inspiring." --Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review Deftly wielding her own brand of literary magic, Roberts once again merges mesmerizing characters, inventive plotting, and propulsive pacing as she presents the compulsively readable finale to her altogether bewitching Chronicles of The One trilogy. -- Booklist The final volume of 'The Chronicles of the One' ( Of Blood and Bone; Year One) is a full fantasy, postapocalytpic version of Robert's tried and true storytelling mastery. Characters will come full circle, leaving no loose ends in this fast-moving, robust story. -- Library Journal

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