Cats on Catnip

2020 calendar for prison inmates. Send a smile that lasts all year. Gifts for inmates from a Real Bookstore.
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A year of far-out cats! Introducing a calendar that gleefully dovetails the aww-factor with the humor-factor, in 12 full-color photographs of normally poised and dignified cats getting goofy and let loose: Theres a chilled-out Calico feeling the good stuff start to sink in. A Russian Blue rolling all around on the carpet. A Tabby cracking herself up. For cat fanatics, its a whole other gleeful side of cats to adoreand the perfect calendar for spreading good vibes. Adapted from photographer Andrew Marttilas beloved book and Instagram that captur[e] the euphoric expressions of kitties high on catnip and the results are absolutely hilarious (Yahoo). Andrew Martilla takes pictures of cats high on catnip, and itll be your new favorite thing. POPSUGAR The pictures will make you laugh out loud. 

11.8" x 11.8"

Wall Calendar

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