A Man True

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A Man True  

Bryant, Timothy W (Author)


Binding: Paperback


Pub Date: March 23, 2017

Publisher Marketing:

"A strong body has run in my family for many generations. Broad shoulders, hands larger than most, and just enough love of a good fight when put upon to convince men they had made a mistake."

Elijah Johnson was that man of true strength in body and mind. But he carried the grief of the family and friends he had lost because of a country at war. And he carried a load of sorrows that only the peace of God almighty could help him carry.

On his way to a journey of thousands of miles to begin a new life, he meets a baby girl and her mother. As Elijah steps in to do the right thing, so begins a tale of God's divine, predestined hand at work, bringing people together.

Elijah learns to trust in God always, and to pray in troubled times. With his newfound trust in God, the lives of the ones he helps will never be the same.

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